6 Reasons Why Fundraising Matters!

Toni McGee of Write On Fundraising

Fundraising can be a challenge. From finding and retaining donors to maintaining a creative database of fundraising ideas, the work is never done. In this article, we will look at a few reasons fundraising is essential to your nonprofit.

  1. Fundraising Keeps Your Nonprofit Sustainable

If a nonprofit isn’t fundraising, inevitably, its source of funding will cease. Nothing is permanent, so it is wise to fund your nonprofit with a mix of revenues, grants, gifts, and sponsorships. In addition to raising money for your cause, nonprofits still have to pay the bills.

  1. Fundraising Motivates Nonprofits to Plan

You can’t raise money to accomplish your agenda without knowing what it takes.

  • What resources do you need to complete projects?
  • How much time do you need?
  • How many staff will be involved? 

If you are hoping to raise money through a grant or a private donor, expect to be asked if you have a plan in place (and have a plan in place!).

  1. Fundraising is Good for Teamwork

Fundraising gets the entire staff working towards one goal. Everyone on your nonprofit’s team may be working on their own separate project area, which can sometimes leave the team feeling disjointed. But when raising funds, each individual component is brought together as the team is working towards one specific mission.

  1. Fundraising Helps Nonprofits Prioritize

When resources are limited, prioritizing who gets what can be a struggle. Having to choose between one good program and another is seemingly impossible, but prioritizing is essential.

Fundraising gives nonprofit managers an objective outlet to select the projects most relevant to their specific agenda/mission.

  1. Fundraising Shares Causes With the World

Fundraising is a significant way nonprofits share their cause with their community (and beyond). Online fundraisers (like NWA Gives provides) can serve as a landing page where nonprofits can explain their purpose clearly. If this is done well, anyone interested in donating can do so quickly and easily.

  1. Fundraising Draws Volunteers

Fundraising not only raises funds but raises awareness. This can bring more volunteers to the cause. People who are willing to donate their time are as valuable as those willing to donate their money. With volunteers lending their skills, experience, and expertise to your cause, you could save a significant amount of money. Volunteers are beneficial to nonprofits, whether in assisting with cause-related projects or lending a hand in future fundraising efforts.

Fundraising does more than raise funds. 

Fundraising helps nonprofits work together towards a common goal, motivates nonprofits towards organization and planning, and keeps your nonprofit organization sustainable. 

Toni McGee, CFRE, is the Regional Director of Development at Write On Fundraising, where she works to help nonprofits make a difference through strategic grant writing, annual fund planning, capital campaign planning, and more. If you have a question about fundraising or would like more information, contact Toni by emailing her toni@writeonfundraising.com or visiting https://writeonfundraising.com/.

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