NWA Gives Foundations

Welcome to NWA Foundations – a quick guide to building a successful giving day. Hope you enjoy!

Session 1

What You Need to Know

Join us for a quick look at NWA Gives and how nonprofit organizations can participate.

Session 2

Building Your Team

Don’t go it alone! Join us for a quick look at building a team for your NWA Gives campaign.

Session 3

Creating Your Plan

Learn how to plan a successful NWA Gives campaign.

Session 4

Crafting Your Story

Learn how to create a compelling story to drive your campaign and share your organization’s mission with the community.

Session 5

Creating Your Communications Plan

Learn how to create a multi-channel communications plan to drive your fundraising efforts in preparation for your NWA Gives campaign.

Session 6

Attracting Donations

Need to attract more donors to your campaign? Watch this video to learn about increasing your fundraising and using matching and challenge funds to motivate your donors.

Session 7

Thanking Your Supporters

Donor retention begins with thanking your supporters. Learn how to ensure your donors feel appreciated!

Session 8

Evaluating Your Campaign

Your campaign is over, but there are steps you can take now to ensure successful future campaigns. Evaluation is a crucial step in preparing for future fundraising success.

The training from NWA Gives has been very helpful to our organization and has positioned us to impact more families here in NWA.  Thanks NWA Gives.  Tim Howington, Freedom 5:one Ministries