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This webinar series is provided by the Walton Family Foundation.

Welcome to our Training Webinar page. We have a number of experts who are committed to helping the nonprofit leaders in NWA be successful in their fundraising for the NWA Gives Giving Day. Hope you enjoy their input.

Upcoming Training Dates

Mar 2: Live Webinar: P2P Tips & Communication Strategy for Donors-register at

Jesse Lane, Branches Mission Lab

Webinar #1. Elements of an Effective Fundraising Campaign. Learn about the elements of an effective fundraising campaign from Jesse Lane, Founder of Branches Mission Lab and creator of the online course The Marketing Anatomy of a Growing Nonprofit. Click HERE to see slides.

“Elements of an Effective Fundraising Campaign” by Jesse Lane from Branches Mission Lab

Toni McGee, Regional Director of Development

Webinar #2, Making the Ask/Matching Grants. Learn about how to ask potential donors for support and matching donations from Toni McGee of Write On Fundraising, CFRE, MBA. Click here to see slides, gifts table and the ask conversation sheet.

“Making the Ask & Matching Funds” webinar by Toni McGee from Write On Fundraising

Laura Orwig, Research &
Communications Manager

Webinar #3, Branding Your Campaign & Telling Your Story Communicating the why, how and what of your organization is critical to creating awareness and raising the money you need to accomplish your mission. Learn from Toni McGee and Laura Orwig of Write On Fundraising about how to craft and deliver your message. Click here to see the slides and download their communications planner.

“Branding your Campaign & Telling your Story” webinar by Write On Fundraising

Webinar # 4, How to Accelerate Your Campaign Using Social Media

Jesse Lane, Branches Mission Lab

Social media has become an ever-increasing part of an effective communications strategy. Join Jesse Lane of Branches Mission Lab to learn about how to use social media to tell your story and engage with your audience. Click here to see Jesse’s presentation.

“How to Accelerate Your Campaign Using Social Media”  webinar by Jesse Lane of Branches Mission Lab

Webinar # 5, Involving Key Advocates in your NWA Gives Campaign

Allison McElroy, The McElroy Group

Allison McElroy, CFRE, is a seasoned fundraising professional with over 26 years of experience right here in Arkansas. She won the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Outstanding Fundraising Executive award for her work. Allison considers herself a public speaker, a mentor, a cheerleader and a passionate advocate for the nonprofit sector. Click here for Allison’s slides.

“Involving Key Advocates in your NWA Gives Campaign”  webinar by Allison McElroy, CFRE of The McElroy Group

Webinar # 6 Executing Giving Day

Jesse Lane, Branches Mission Lab

Join Jesse Lane, Founder & CEO of Branches Mission Lab, for an in-depth look at executing Giving Day. Learn what you need to do to prepare for the day so you feel organized and can maximize your effectiveness. Check out Jesse’s presentation here.

“Executing Giving Day”  webinar by Jesse Lane of Branches Mission Lab

Webinar # 7 Thanking and Cultivating Donors

Allison McElroy, CFRE, The McElroy Group

Thanking your donors is an integral part of donor retention. Join Allison McElroy, CFRE, of the McElroy Group, to learn how to make your donors feel appreciated no matter how much they contributed. Download Allison’s stewardship policy here and her slides here.

“Thanking and Cultivating Donors” webinar by Allison McElroy

The training from NWA Gives has been very helpful in helping our nonprofit reach our goals for our Spring Fundraiser. We’ve been involved every year and are excited about this year, too!